Creation Theory
Theory behind life, its purposes, and your life's very great value, and eternal outcome.

You are greatly valued. Understand the limits of science, dating, fossils, and theories. DNA, UTR.

There is a purpose and a glorious future for those who want it!

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Don't sow wild oats, they will come back as thorn bushes
to haunt you the rest of your life. Learnt by observing others, Kenny.

How light from distant stars is here already.
Many creationists see a problem in that if the universe was created 6000 years ago, we shouldn't be able see light from billions of light years away.Our solar system is young, the cosmos is old. God always was, and is, and always will be !

Perhaps you didn't realise it is a Cult, but you may be in it.
A "christian" cult subtly leads you away from God to a leader who claims authority over the interpretation of the Bible, claims to be the only way for salvation, threatens you if you study the Bible, has extra ways of getting your money. But you are lost because you didn't get salvation direct from Jesus, the only source. Tens of millions are wasting their time, money and devotion to a cult leader who blocks their salvation.

Events of Passover, Unleaven Bread, It all fits neatly!
An explanation of how the events dovetail together about the crucifixion of Jesus.
To me it always seemed confusing, so I gathered the details to see how it fitted. When did Jesus enter Jerusalem, When was he crucified, which three nights did he spend in the earth. On which day did he rise? It all fits neatly, no other options!

Was Jesus crucified on a Wednesday, Friday or Thursday?
The convention that most follow is Friday crucifixion, but others including some
Messianic Jews put up strong claims of a Wednesday crucifixion.
A short but detailed study clarifies the situation for all three possible days.

What comes next in world history, starting from important history that has set up the present conditions, and then shapes our almost immediate future.
Part1 Time marches on
Part2 What happened to . .
Part3 Rome
Part4 Threat of Islam
Part5 Deception
Part6 Last days
Part7 End of mankinds rule

How a simple decision can save a marriage.
If you are having trouble, or differences of opinion, even just in friendship, there is a helper who can ease the frustration. His loving help is free, but a commitment to a new improved way of life is needed.

A One World Government is looming up
As major corporations take control, with many of the same people as major shareholders or owners our choices are diminished. Also countries have less options as those controlling banks and industry wield enough power to block international trade and control Nations. Why are they spreading Muslims, with special privileges, throughout the nations?

The Rapture or snatching away
The Bible says the Rapture will happen, but when? Will you be raptured? Pre, mid or post. What happens if millions disappear?

The Antichrist is coming and also the Mahdi.
The Muslims are expecting the Mahdi to rule the world and make everyone Muslim.
The prophesies are intertwined and the Muslims are practicing their roll, {beheading by ISIS} and the Church sleeps in peace, unaware of the disaster looming up. Sleep in peace, when the time comes make wrong decisions because you slept through the warnings, or the Church also slept. The choice: Become Muslim and reap eternal damnation or be beheaded and live with Jesus, simple choice !

In the beginning. If there is a God, why did He create the earth and life on it?
Why does He allow so much evil? If He created us, does He care about us?   If there is a Devil, why doesn't God "knock him off" and solve the problem? If God was happy in his spiritual realm, why did he create our realm with all our problems?
Many people have missed seeing their purpose in life.
Some great reasons to hope and rejoice!

People ridicule the Bible because it warns of a Lake of Fire.
Some think of some small crater lake of a volcano. But if it is true would you want to avoid going there? Is it just an embellishment God uses to scare people? I believe it is real and you (even many who call them selves a Christian) might well be going there with the majority of the world's population! Heed Gods frequent warning!

Horses of the apocalypse, and the seven seals in Revelation 6.
Why the colour matters, and who is it?
Updated 20July '12, after a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Morsi was elected president of Egypt. We are getting very near the final battles as given in the Bible. The four horses in Revelation seem to have been let loose on the world, the last one can be identified from your TV screens just about every week. If this is so, then you had better get ready for the upheaval that is coming, so you are not taken by surprise, lest in the confusion you join the wrong side and lose all hope of eternal salvation.

When was Jesus' birthday?
The Bible gives the time of conception showing that December is not likely.
Get a better understanding of the planning and forethought put into the planning for this at the time God brought Israel out of Egypt.

TIME, is our time different to time in galaxies or for God? Is God outside our time? Is time the same everywhere? Is God in the same time as us, but as he has existed for eons he has a different perspective on time.

God of Creation, Vs the god of this world, and the end time conflict.
Is the Creator, or Satan, your destiny.
God predestined all of us to be adopted as sons/daughters but we also have a free will, otherwise we cannot love. Establishing the existence of God, what happened in the past and how predictions point the way to present world events. Watch out for a New World Order, world government, new monetary system, world dictator, and the "mark of the Beast" replacing bank and credit cards for all your buying and selling.
Don't take the mark!

In original Hebrew each letter has a meaning.
God's eternal love is shown in the names of the ten patriarchs, Adam to Noah, showing that Adam's sin was no surprise to God.

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God (Jesus) will come down teaching God's love and offer of redemption, and his death will bring powerful rest, paying for our sins, giving release from demonic powers and condemnation, and eternal life with God for those who believe.

The winning ticket for eternal life.
What would you do with it? Do you have it? Do you want it? How to get it. What happens if you ignore the offer!

Look into the answers evolutionists give to important questions.
Do you have good answers to these questions that are keeping people from accepting the Biblical God. are running a very interesting program to try to get scientifically verifiable evidence from evolutionists that supports the Evolution paradigm. The claims evolutionists make are typical of the incorrect information that the schools teach, to try to support the humanist and atheist religions, rather than supporting science, or truth, by teaching assumptions about the past. The media promotes anti God beliefs with glossy story-telling in books and TV programs.

Are you having difficulty speaking in tongues?
Ernie has given an overview of his protracted problems and a spiritual attack that still leaves him without a proper explanation. Others could have similar problems. There may be some underlying spiritual forces opposing you.

Why your evangelism outreach didn't work!
The "church" has opted for the "easy" to accept way of evangelism. But it has about as much "sticking power" as signing up for free email, and is similarly easy to unsubscribe. Accepting Jesus without having a strong impelling reason, and not understanding what He has done for you, and the consequences of not taking his redemptive work seriously has lead to many being counted as "saved" when in fact they didn't understand what it was about. When they are criticised and ridiculed by "friends", or it interferes with other things in life, they are probably going to renege on the commitment. They should have been warned that partners, spouse, parents etc, might be very critical. There is Nationally an 80% failure rate of so-called "converts" who didn't understand the importance of the commitment.

At last! Science prevails!
The ENCODE PROJECT has revealed startling complexity in the DNA.
The "junk" DNA is actually the most important part, now called UnTranslatedRegions, UTR. Old religious superstition will die under the weight of scientific evidence!

ENCODE Project meets Darwinian theory,
evolution, science and society.
The ENCODEs impact on evolution theory. Richard Dawkin's et al, "pond scum" evolution teaching and its effects on society. The usefulness of evolution teaching for physics, technology, empirical science etcetera.

The information you need for salvation
Many churches, like the Anglican Church we used to attend, never tell you about the Covenant for your salvation. God loves you and cares about your welfare, but He can't do anything unless you invite Him into your life. The key is to tell God you repent and ask Him to fill you with His Spirit so you can do His will. ACCEPT the COVENANT, SIGN the COVENANT verbally by telling God you accept Jesus as your Saviour, since He paid for your sins, and wants you with Him for all eternity. You are bought with a price, but if you don't declare that you accept, it is wasted, and you lose what you could have gained.

Keeping your salvation
This comes out of some soul-searching I have had to do, and I am sure it applies to many other people as well. It is about keeping your relationship with God.

A theory of creation WYSIWYG.
A concise statement, and what you would expect to find in the way fossils are buried or mixed, an explanation for huge deposits, volcanism, earthquakes, mountains, the Columbian Plateau lava beds, and the like, that result.

If God had had a puppy
(with a free will as on earth . . .)

The problems God has with us is very similar to problems He had with Israel in Old Testament times. What you can learn from puppies about these problems and solutions.

A lighthearted spiritual look at us as "flowerpots"
What are we growing in our society? There is something hidden in us that needs proper care and attention, so we will grow up into a good member of society, and to achieve our best future.

Why is there so much evil in our society?
What are the causes of corruption and evil attitudes?  Why are we teaching our children that there is no need to have any moral limits in society?
Why teach about sex at a very early age, thereby stirring up passion and interest before children can cope with it responsibly?

If you are an evolutionist have a laugh
but don't laugh for long.

Breeding programs, start of life, Miller Urey and building blocks of life.   If there is a maker how could you contact Him?

How the deceiver misleads you and makes you worry.
Spiritual warfare you probably didn't know was happening. You
are under subtle attack from many fronts.

Problems USA has as a result of generations of bad teaching.
and a strong bias towards "MY rights", and shows the cause of the disaster and degrading attitude on society, leading to such things as school massacres, and abortions even at the time of birth.

Why evolutionists can't understand science.
An explanation of the problems of assuming that unfounded evolutionary claims are true, and the problems of evolutionary science assumptions. NAS and teaching about evolution.

A rebuttal of evolutionist claims of bad teaching.
Complaints about the poor standard of science teaching in USA which applies to all western countries. What is the reason?

Evolution education disaster:
The poor standard of science teaching in USA which has implications for all western countries.

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You may copy pages provided you keep the URL and email address on all copies.

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